Katmai National Park!!

This brown bear caught this huge salmon flying up the falls!!

Alaska continues to amaze me. Today I flew on a float plane for 90 minutes west of Homer, Alaska to visit Katmai National Park and its famous Brooks Falls. What makes it so well known are the brown bears that live in the area and spend time fishing for salmon. It was an incredible experience! Yes, it was expensive. Yes, it was worth it!

These bears are huge and they own the place!

The bear is on the prowl for salmon in the river.

He is carefully searching for fish.

Look at the size of their claws!!

The other bears watch with envy as one bear catches a fish!

This salmon was jumping to get over the falls and he survived without being eaten.

The search for fish is on!

Despite this bear’s best effort, these salmon were out of his reach!

This salmon was grabbed out of the air!

This bear is tearing bites out of this fish that he caught swimming in the river.

This bear has a different strategy. He is standing at the base of the falls and waiting for the fish to get close and then catch the fish as they are getting ready to jump.

This bear was successful catching this salmon as it tried to jump over the falls.

Another successful catch!

Very happy bear!

This mom is teaching her two kids how to fish.

This bear is on the lookout for more fish!

Dinner is served!

Baby bear is looking for his meal too.

A bald eagle is looking over the scene to see whether he can find any fish scraps to his meal.

I was amazed at how well the bears swim. They are fast!

This is one of Alaska’s newer volcanoes. This photo was taken from the float plane on the way to Katmai National Park. The cloudiness and early morning light gives it interesting coloring.

Here is our float plane that brought us to Katmai National Park. You either need to fly or take a boat to visit this extremely interesting national park.