Icefields Parkway!!

This is Bow Lake. Very beautiful while still frozen!

Canada continues to amaze and inspire me. Today I drove between Banff and Jasper. This road is called the Icefields Parkway. Early in my RV travels I started meeting people and often RVers would say that the drive between Banff and Jasper is the most beautiful road they have ever traveled. I cannot disagree with this assessment. The photos below speak for themselves. It is simply one marvel after another. When you think there cannot possible be a more beautiful scene, you suddenly catch your breath again. God’s creativity is a marvel to behold.

Another view of Bow Lake with the sun breaking through in the background.

I love the light shinning on the mountain!

The mountains are beautiful surrounded by clouds!

I love this river flowing in the foreground with so much greenery!

The snow runoff produces gorgeous waterfalls!

The wispy clouds highlight the rugged mountains!

This mountain was in the shade, but moved into the sunlight just as I was driving by. I pulled over quickly to see the features in the mountain!

I love the contrast between the snow and the mountain structure!

This is Athabasca Falls. My campsite is quite near these falls.

These falls create quite a bit of mist. Take the photo quickly before the lens is covered by mist!

Flow baby flow creates quite a roar!

Water flows mightily with the snow melting!

It is soothing to stare into the falls!

The flow of water is intense!