Monument Valley!!

The morning sun on the rock formations was majestic!

I have had an absolutely fantastic motorhome trip to visit Monument Valley. Although I grew up in Flagstaff, I am embarrassed to say that I never have visited Monument Valley. It is spectacular!

This Mexican Hat is quite famous in southeastern Utah!

I started off spending the night in a dispersed camping area in Mexican Hat, Utah. I had a fantastic spot to camp with a perfect view of the famous Mexican Hat! No one was around me, so it was quiet and had a great view of the stars at night.

I loved this early morning photo that silhouetted Mexican Hat rock!
As the sun became closer, I noticed a sliver of the moon up above!

From Mexican Hat to Monument Valley, I drove through the road that was made famous by running Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. It was fun to recognize the location.

Forrest Gump running and running made this section of Utah road extremely famous!

The morning sun was wonderful as it highlighted the rock structures on my way to Monument Valley.

I loved the clouds in this early morning photo!

Below are some fun photos from my 3 hour “sunset tour.” I need to return here. I was breathtaking and difficult to take in all the scenes. This was a wonderful bucket list item!

I thought the left mitten was beautiful! The correct name is West Mitten Butte.

God is quite creative and awesome! This is East Mitten Butte.

God has a sense of humor. Do you see Snoopy laying down on his back?

This is Chief! I think he is awesome and fierce!

Monument Valley has some amazing rock formations! Everywhere you look there is something amazing to see!

My guide showed me a number of different petroglyphs. I think she said this was estimated to be 900 years old!

This photo was taken through a hole in Submarine rock looking north in Monument Valley.

The amazing rock formations in Monument Valley never end!

I think this was my favorite rock formation. It is called Totem Pole. She timed our trip so we could see Totem Pole highlighted by the setting sun.

This is the eagle eye! I had to use my cell phone to take the photo because my 18 mm wide angle lens was not wide enough to capture the whole eagle.

The setting sun created some nice “U” highlights of Monument Valley!

The setting sun created a fun photo of the Three Sisters!

As we arrived back at our tour starting point, the sunset created a warm glow on West Mitten Butte.

I absolutely loved visiting Monument Valley! It was well worth the trip!